Six Flags – 82 Miles


26101 Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia, CA 91355   (818) 367-2271

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From thrilling coasters to rides for the kids, we’ve got them all listed here, for your convenience.

Get your fill of thrills and chills at Six Flags Magic Mountain — it’s practically in your backyard. You’ll find us north of Los Angeles, at the Magic Mountain Parkway exit off Interstate 5 in Valencia.

Minimum Height: 48″

Race through a post-apocalyptic wasteland on a high-speed coaster that drops from 95 feet.

Minimum Height: 54″

The masked superhero takes you on ride of loops and twists!

Minimum Height: None with adult

High-flying thrills await as the pirate ship Buccaneer sets sail on a course for excitement.

Canyon Blaster
Minimum Height: 33″ with adult

Junior daredevils will go cuckoo over this family roller coaster adventure through an old mining town.

Cyclone 500
Minimum Height: 58″

Kids will love the thrill of the open road on this classic go-kart speedway. Additional fee required.

Daffy's Adventure Tours
Minimum Height: None with adult

Daffy Duck leads a rib-tickling tour for junior ducklings on a gently floating bus ride in Bugs Bunny World.

Bungee Jump
Minimum Height: 48″

Plummet 152 feet through the air at 60 mph for the ultimate skydiving experience! Additional fee required.

Elmer's Weather Balloons
Minimum Height: None with adult.

Little aviators whirl through the sky on Elmer Fudd’s revolving hot air balloons.

Full Throttle
Minimum Height: 54″

Loop to 160 feet, shoot through tunnels, and explode from three launches on this record-smashing champion.

Minimum Height: 52″

Face unique all-vertical track, over which you’ll flip 360° while attacking steep rises and falls.

Gold Rusher
Minimum Height: 48″

Board a runaway mine car for a rip-roaring race on a fast-paced course swerving through the wilderness.

Minimum Height: 48″

This hypercoaster includes high-speeds and a 255-ft drop.

Grand Carousel
Minimum Height: None with adult

Step back in time and choose your horse on this restored classic carousel, a favorite for all ages.

Jet Stream
Minimum Height: None with adult

Make a splash on this classic flume ride with breathtaking views and heart-pumping drops!

LEX LUTHOR: Drop of Doom
Minimum Height: 48″

Climb to the top of a 415-foot tower for the fastest, highest free falling drop ride in SoCal.

Magic Flyer
Minimum Height: 54″ maximum

Children can enjoy gentle hills and pint sized thrills on this junior-sized roller coaster.

Merrie Melodies Carousel
Minimum Height: None with adult

Giddy up! The ponies are ready to ride on this kid-sized carousel, scaled down for little hands and feet.

Minimum Height: 42″

The black belt of roller coasters takes you on a suspended ride.

Pepe Le Pew's Tea Party
Minimum Height: 42″

Your little skunks can twirl the day away inPepe Le Pew’s spinning set of mini-teacups.

Road Runner Express
Minimum Height: 36″

Brave swift curves and plunging hills on this family-friendly coaster suitable for daredevils-in-training.

Roaring Rapids
Minimum Height: 42″

Prepare to be drenched as you experience the ultimate white-water river rafting experience.

SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton
Minimum Height: 48″

Fly like SUPERMAN to the top of a 415-foot tower, reaching 100 mph in 7 seconds – then fall back to earth!

Minimum Height: 42″

No need for brakes as you put your pedal to the metal on this classic; bumper car smash-up!

Minimum Height: 36″

You won’t be able to tell backwards from forwards once you’ve whirled on this scrambler.

Minimum Height: 54″

This king of inversions gives you the feeling of flying free through the air.

Minimum Height: 44″

Catapult to a high-flying adventure. Additional fee required.

Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racer
Minimum Height: 36″ with adult

Kids and parents ride together on this new roadster roller coaster.

Minimum Height: 42″

Take flight in spectacular swinging chairs on this swashbuckling sky adventure.

Sylvester's Pounce and Bounce
Minimum Height: 36″

Jiggle till you giggle on this bouncy tower lift for little kids and big cats!

THE FLASH Speed Force
Minimum Height: 42″

See the world through THE FLASH’s eyes on this round spinout.  Zoom so fast, the world’s a blur!

Minimum Height: 54″

This stand-up roller coaster is the fastest and highest of its kind, with vicious loops, corkscrews and drops.

Minimum Height: 54″

Ride this metal dragon face-down during a set of drops, corkscrews, and zero G rolls.

Taz's Trucking Company
Minimum Height: 42″ to ride alone

Little drivers can steer big trucks on this woodsy, wacky ride!

Looney Tunes Lodge
Minimum Height: 54″ maximum

Little ones can explore, climb, and slide in this giant kids’ playplace!

Not Open Yet

An all-new ride experience is coming in 2016, with newly designed trains and special ride effects.

Tidal Wave
Temporarily Closed
Minimum Height: 42″

Temporarily closed. Take on the ultimate wave with this boat ride plunging straight into a gigantic splash!

Tweety's Escape
Minimum Height: None

Little birdies can get the Tweety experience in swinging birdcages that keep Sylvester at bay!

Minimum Height: 48″

Now Open — our world-record breaking hybrid coaster — Twisted Colossus.

Minimum Height: 54″

Experience an intense looping frenzy as you bolt down a snake-like course at 70 mph.

WONDER WOMAN Lasso of Truth
Minimum Height: 42″

Encounter the awesome power of gravity which will spin you till it pins you.

Whistlestop Train
Temporarily Closed
Minimum Height: None with adult

Temporarily Closed. Choose from two junior train rides for a magical ride through Whistlestop Park.



Minimum Height: 48″

This 5D roller coaster speed-blasts through dives, flips and twists while spinning you in delirious 360°.

YOSEMITE SAM's Flight School
Minimum Height: None with adult

Take off in the air on this high-flying adventure that lets little pilots fly their own planes.