All Volunteer positions at Freedom Acres – The Resort require people with outgoing personalities, flirty and fun, Height weight proportionate, good looking and good hygiene who can take direction as well as adapt to changes in the normal day to day parties.  while you may be brought on to do one job you may be asked to help out or do another position more fitting for you.  The most important think we look for is how well people follow directions, so with that, if you are interested in any of the following positions, please email candice@freedomacresresorts.com the following information, please include ALL the information asked.

In exchange for your volunteering for Freedom Acres – The Resort, we will give you FREE entry into both Freedom Acres – The Resort AND ClubFA anytime you are not working to enjoy your lifestyle.  This does not include cabin rentals or trailer rentals, food or anything that is an addition to the entrance cost.  if you do the math, this trade is an awesome deal for both you and us.

1. Your names
2. The position you are inquiring about, you can list multiple positions
3. Current photo of both of you, yes this is a resort and we want to match our resort with our staff.
4. Your ages
5. How long have you been in the lifestyle?
6. Your phone numbers
7. your email address
8. tell us about you, do you go to ClubFA, do you go to the resort? something that your famous for, etc..


Position: Pool Staff.
Times : Saturday & Sunday from 10am to 5pm 1 weekend a month
Staff: Must be a couple
Duties : A Couple to act as a host couple and serve drinks by the pool from 10am to 5pm and basic security duties on the pool deck, including cleaning and straightening up chairs wiping down tables as well as informing guest of the rules of no glass in the pool area as well as inform guest in the pool area of the nudity policy.